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Thuis ProductenDC Gear Motor

8mm Low Noise Metal Gear DC Gear Motor Large Torque 2.3V / 3.0V 90RPM No Load Speed

Van goede kwaliteit DC Gear Motor voor verkoop
Wij hebben met Hofon vele jaren samengewerkt. De kwaliteit van motor is zeer stabiel geweest en de levering is geschikt geweest.

—— Thomas Jefferson

Dank aan Hofon-bedrijf om het probleem van intelligente controlesysteemtransmissie voor ons op te lossen

—— Justin Bieber

Het technische probleem is opgelost. Dank u zeer

—— Richard Mille

De prestaties van de versnellingsbakmotor zijn stabiel, en het lawaai is laag en de betrouwbaarheid is hoog

—— Emily Bronte

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8mm Low Noise Metal Gear DC Gear Motor Large Torque 2.3V / 3.0V 90RPM No Load Speed

China 8mm Low Noise Metal Gear DC Gear Motor Large Torque 2.3V / 3.0V 90RPM No Load Speed leverancier

Grote Afbeelding :  8mm Low Noise Metal Gear DC Gear Motor Large Torque 2.3V / 3.0V 90RPM No Load Speed


Plaats van herkomst: Shenzhen China
Merknaam: Hofon
Certificering: RoHS/ISO9001:2000/ISO14001/TS16949
Modelnummer: GM8F-K10VA

Betalen & Verzenden Algemene voorwaarden:

Min. bestelaantal: 2000 stuks
Prijs: Negotiation
Verpakking Details: Kartonnen doos
Levertijd: 35 dagen
Levering vermogen: 5000kpcs/month
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Gedetailleerde productomschrijving
voltagewaaier: 3.0V of Aangepast Materiaal: Het toestel van de Metal Gear Hoge precisie
Diameter van: 8 mm Geen ladingssnelheid: 210rpm
Geen ladingsstroom: 70mA Geschatte Ladingstorsie: 54g.cm
Geschatte Ladingssnelheid: 138RPM Geschatte Ladingsstroom: 120mA
Toestelverhouding: 100:1

8mm 2.3V / 3.0V Metal Gear-box motor DC Gear Motor Low Noise and Large Torque High precision gear


  • DC Worm Gear-Box Motor
  • Diameter : Φ8.0mm
  • Output : APPROX 0.1~1.0W
  • Noise Level : Less than 50dB
  • Low noise, stable performance, quality assurance

Typical Applications

  • Fully automatic electronic door lock

  • Office Automatic Equipments
  • Printer/paper Feeder
  • Bank Equipments Safe Box
  • Ad Equipment
  • Analysis Instrument/electronic
  • Game Machine
  • Household Appliances
  • Electronic Door Lock

The following specifications are only representative of one of our models. Other performance parameters can be customized according to customer requirements

r/min A r/min A mN.m g.cm w mN.m g.cm A
GM8F-K10VA-05215-100 1.5-5.0 3.0V 210 0.070 138 0.120 5.29 54 0.360 14.7 150 0.25
GM8F-K10VA-05215-20 1.5-5.0 3.0V 1050 0.070 690 0.120 1.06 10.8 0.360 3.35 34.2 0.25
GM8F-K10VA-06170-100 1.5-4.5 2.3V 200 0.800 110 0.170 8.82 90 0.391 19.6 200 0.30
GM8F-K10VA-06170-20 1.5-4.5 2.3V 1000 0.800 550 0.170 1.8 18 0.391 3.9 40 0.30


8mm Low Noise Metal Gear DC Gear Motor Large Torque 2.3V / 3.0V 90RPM No Load Speed

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8mm Low Noise Metal Gear DC Gear Motor Large Torque 2.3V / 3.0V 90RPM No Load Speed

General Instructions for Use of Woshine Precise Machinery Motors DO’S and DON’TS to keep your motors in order


  1. If silicon materials, which contain low molecular silicon compound adhere to the motor’s commentator, brush of other parts, then upon rectification of the electric energy the silicon breaks down into SiO2,SiC and other constituents which produce a rapid increase in the contact resistance between the commutator and brush. therefore great care should be taken when silicon material is used in a unit and check well at the same time that such binding agents or sealing materials are not generating gases of detrimental nature, whether used for motor mounting or applied during your product assembles. care must be taken for an optimum selection, especiallywhen using those of cyanic adhesive and sulfur gas.
  2. When mounting your motors by means of binding agents, DON’T flow any adhessice to the Bearings nor intrusion into the motors.
  3. Axial thrust on the output shaft could have an adverse effect on the motor life i.e... as is produced by worm gears, fans etc, check the service life expected under the actual operating conditions by testing the motors installed in your application products .for heavy thrust loads consider using something mechanical to retain the shaft end.
  4. There are occasions when the internal resistance of the motor driving power source (which contains an electrical circuit) can influence the life span of the motor. in instances where there is a low input of voltage to the motor, the internal resintance of The Power source is large which may well result in an inferior motor after a short time, conversely in instances where high cyclic voltage are applied, this internal resistance is small and the motor life span is shortened. when the temperature deviates from the normal room temperature as is the case in low and high temperature situations, please note the conditions.
  5. Motor life may be affected adversely by heavy radial load such as produced by rotating eccentric cams, etc., and also by vibration given from outside. Do check over such negative factors by testing the motors to the actual operating conditions in your application products.
  6. If when mounting the motor and assembling the unit, equipment which emits ultrasonic waves is used there is a danger that some of the internal parts of the motor might be damaged so please take care,
  7. DON’T store motors under environmental conditions of high temperature and extreme humidity. DON’T keep them also in an atmosphere where corrosive gas may be present, as it may result in mulfunction.
  8. Ambient and operating temperatures exert an affect more or less on motor performance and Do pay particular attention to the surroundings when it is hot and damp
  9. When press fitting a pulley, gear etc., onto the motor output shaft, always support the shaft from the other end on its retaining metal pad in a proper and correct way.
  10. When soldering, BE SURE to finish your work quickly so as not to develop plastic deformation around the motor terminals nor to give them any forced bend or inward depression. in doing deformation- special care must be taken not to allow solder debris and flux to spatter into motors and precaution measures should be taken if necessary, by covering up all the nearby holes and aperaures. Any motors having snap in terminals must also be attended carefully so as not to get flux in along the terminals, as it may cause failure in electrical conduction.
  11. DON’T leave motor shaft locked while power is applied, as even a short time lock up may cause excessive heat build up resulting in burning damage to the motor depending on its specifications.


For more information, please contact us directly or through our sales and representative offices.



Competitive Advantage

  • 16 years experience in manufacturing motor and gearbox motor
  • Experienced Staff: average 12 years experience in R&D , ODM & OEM
  • International Approvals: ROHS/ISO9001/ISO14001/SGS/TS16949
  • Competitive Price
  • High Product Performance: Low noise, High efficiency, Long lifespan
  • Prompt Delivery: 20-25 working days after payment
  • Quality Approvals
  • Small Orders Accepted
  • Advanced equipments: Automatic winding machine, stator automatic setting machine, end cover automatic setting machine, automatic soldering machine, etc


Quality Cotrol Test

  • Reliability Test & Laboratory
  • Noise Test
  • Water-proof Test
  • Life Test
  • Impact Test
  • Storage Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Environmental Related Substance


Hofon Precise Motor Limited

Contactpersoon: Zeng

Tel.: +86-13825246071

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